If ditching a classic grey interior altogether isn’t for you, then you’ll be pleased to know brand new data from interior experts at Stelrad has shown that a winning combo is yellow and grey, having discovered a 157% increase in Google searches for a ‘yellow and grey living room’ in the UK over the last 30 days.

Chris Harvey from Stelrad explains why yellow and grey creates a calming synergy: “Grey has always been such a classic and elegant neutral for people to use in their home. Whilst it’s calming, there’s no need to be afraid of injecting additional colours or tones to elevate your space. Yellow can do exactly this – these two colours are perfect for anyone looking to create a warm and inviting space, yet calming and cheerful which isn’t too bold for anyone who is a little more classic and introverted. As we spend longer at home as darker, colder days descend on us, it’s important that your room provides a happy and serene space.”

According to Chris Harvey – there are three key ways to incorporate yellow and grey into your interior living space this season.

Add a pop of yellow through your accessories

“For the majority of homeowners, a grey living room is a classic colour to opt for. To avoid repainting, but if you want to bring colour into your home, why not make small changes via your accessories? They don’t have to be big changes either, just small accents of yellow throughout the room. Why not try adding cushions, throws, rugs or lighting to get the ball rolling? Doesn’t even need to be a lot of yellow, just enough to add a pop of colour here and there to your neutral space.”

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Go for retro

“This one will depend on your own personal taste, but it’s a great way to decorate a space. You can pair a bold retro floral wallpaper on one wall with shades of matching grey and yellow paint on the other walls to keep the scheme running throughout. If you can find (or have) vintage furniture pieces, then this is a great way to decorate the room and enhance retro vibes.”

Take an earthy approach by using mustard yellow

“When people think of the colour yellow, they often think of the colour of sunshine, but there are many different shades of sunshine, such as a warm mustard tone. This offers an earthy feel to a decorating scheme, perfect for introducing warm tones of wood furniture and natural flooring.”

Yellow & Grey
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