Canadian rock star and photographer Bryan Adams has revealed his third creative campaign in the Kaldewei trilogy. This follows the first “Uncompromisingly connecting” with the Ming and Miena wash bowls in 2021 and the second was the staging of the Superplan Zero shower surface in 2022. The finale is “Perfectly sheltered” for the Meisterstück Oyo Duo freestanding bath.

Kaldewei aims to appeal directly to the end consumer. Within the new, well-designed visuals, the freestanding bath appears to become one with the elegant bodies within. The images the designer baths bring with them is a feeling of luxury, which is a key part of Kaldewei’s brand strategy – showing how its 100 per cent recyclable steel enamel is used to create elegant products, combining luxury and sustainability LUXSTAINABILITY®.

Freestanding bathtubs tend to be the focal point of a room and so the concept behind the shoot for the freestanding Kaldewei Meisterstück Oyo Duo bathtub was to make it the central focus, the star of the stage. Showing that people of all ages can be cloaked, sheltered and held within its walls providing a true refuge for both body and the mind. In his previous images for the Superplan Zero shower tray campaign, Bryan Adams had expressively staged the legs of ballet dancers whilst for the Ming and Miena washbasins, it was hands gently touching each other.

Kaldewei trilogy from Bryan Adams

New campaign claim “Perfectly sheltered”

The bodies of the models shot in the premium bathtub are clearly visible, whilst their faces are deliberately hidden from the camera, devised to leave room for the imagination.

Bryan Adams shoots from a distanced perspective, so that the free-floating egg-shape design of the bathtub is recognisable, but not the entire body of the incumbent model. The images are crafted to give the impression that the naked arms and back appear to merge with the bathtub in a luxurious yet intimate spa moment. The campaign claim “Perfectly sheltered” refers to the perfect me-time.

Kaldewei trilogy from Bryan Adams

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