The interior design team at David Wilson Homes have put together the latest interior design trends, from upcycled furniture to new colour schemes.

Browns hues 

In 2022, you may have noticed brown shades creeping from the runway onto the rails of your favourite high street clothing shops. In 2023, it’s time for interior design to get an injection of brown. 

Cosy brown shades help to emulate a feeling of calm and luxury in interior spaces. Think dark wood, chocolatey fabrics and warm, sandy neutrals. 

Wall panelling 

Whether its popularity is thanks to period dramas like Bridgerton and The Crown, who knows. But wall panelling is certainly a design trend we’re going to see continue to grow in 2023. 

Fabulously hardwearing and therefore ideal for high-traffic areas of the home like hallways and stairways, panelling also adds depth and texture to your walls – a great way to create that high-end, interior designer je ne sais quoi

Media walls

Media walls are built-in design features that house the television screen and any other entertainment system equipment such as games consoles and sound systems. They often have an electric fireplace underneath, and may include built-in storage too. 

With television screens only getting bigger, media walls are a fantastic way to integrate your screen into your room design. Plus, of course, they hide all those unsightly wires! 

Statement radiators

Unfortunately, the cost of living crisis doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But as people look for ways to make their homes more energy efficient, expect statement radiators to be a trend we see more of in 2023. 

You can either paint your existing radiators or upgrade to something more energy efficient like an oil-filled radiator. These are said to be more energy efficient and mean that you can turn the heating on in just one room of the home, keeping costs at bay. Added to this, they come in a range of different colours and finishes – an opportunity to make your radiator a focal point.

Upcycled wooden furniture 

David Wilson Homes

With tight budgets there is an opportunity for homeowners to get creative, we think upcycled wooden furniture is going to be a key trend in 2023. Buying pre-loved furniture and giving it a lick of paint is something we’re seeing a ton of in some of our favourite DIY Facebook groups. 

Second-hand wooden furniture like chests of drawers, bedside tables and bookshelves can be picked up very affordably. Then all it takes is a lick of paint to make it your own. Hopefully, we’ll see some joyful pops of colour with bright teals, rich oranges and buttery yellows.


For several years now, blinds have been favoured over curtains but, as homeowners search for ways to retain heat in their homes, we predict curtains are going to see a well overdue resurgence. Curtains, especially thermal curtains, can be effective at preventing heat loss from things like doors and windows.

We might even see a revival of decorative window treatments too. Think shaped cornices and fringed trim. 

Rugs that double as works of art 

We like to think of rugs as artwork for the floor. In particular, retro designs and abstract patterns can really inject some fun into a room. 

Some of the more affordable home furnishing brands have some brilliant statement rugs in store for 2023 and we can’t wait to see how homeowners incorporate them into their design schemes.

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