One year after the launch of GROHE X, the first digital content platform created by a brand in the sanitary industry, GROHE is expanding its brand experience with the launch of a new Experience Center facility in Hemer, Germany.

As people are eager to engage in physical encounters again, GROHE X is expanding its digital community by introducing the GROHE X Brand & Communication Experience Center in Hemer, Germany, which combines a physical visitor facility and five state-of-the-art studios for training and content production as well as hybrid events. While three GROHE X Motion Trucks complement the cutting-edge brand experience by bringing it directly to the customer.

Inspiring over half a million views online, GROHE X curates information in 13 different languages – tailored to the interests of different target groups. This enables both end consumers as well as trade partners, installers, architects, designers, and press members to create their own individual GROHE brand experience.

“For us, the pandemic was an accelerator of digitalisation. We created a virtual environment where we could continue to interact with our customers. But the relationship with our partners is also based on the physical experience of our products and truly personal connections.


“With the new Brand & Communication Experience Center in Hemer, we are giving GROHE X a physical home. In addition, we now have our own studios there, where we can produce our content independently. As the last building block, we added our GROHE X Motion Trucks, which bring our brand physically to our partners. With GROHE X as a hybrid system, we can play our part in building the sanitary industry community of the future. A community that is far-reaching yet closely connected,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA and Co-CEO Grohe AG.

The future is hybrid
Content for the various GROHE X formats is produced at the GROHE X Studios in the German town of
Hemer, and is next to the LIXIL production site and birthplace of the GROHE brand. Five different studios, the largest with over 200sqm and equipped with the latest technology, provide the setting for varied content production, ranging from practical how-to installation videos to insightful panel talks. The studios are the heart of the new GROHE X Brand & Communication Experience Center, which invites visitors to experience the brand on-site or take part in interactive training sessions.

The GROHE X Motion Trucks act as mobile satellite studios and are a bridge between the physical and the digital world. Each one includes a stage with a large LED screen, enabling local content to be pre-produced or streamed live to the GROHE X platform. In addition, visitors can explore selected GROHE products both physically and virtually. For example, visitors can experience a variety of 360-degree Living Spaces shown on GROHE X via immersive VR glasses.

The three 40-ton GROHE X Motion Trucks are all equipped with eight solar panels on the roof, generating electricity to support the power supply of the mobile experience unit. All remaining CO2 emissions associated with the operation of the GROHE X Motion Trucks are offset.


Take a look behind the scenes of our new GROHE X Studios and our GROHE X Brand & Communication Experience Center in Hemer.