As many of us continue to incorporate hybrid ways of working, spending more time at home – and perhaps, sharing more of it on our social media channels – new trends are emerging for 2022. The kitchen and bathroom are leading the way when it comes to creating spaces which are both functional and well-designed.

Considerations such as sustainability, self-care, wellness, and multi-functionality are high on the agenda, while style features and design nuances continue to play an important factor in renovation decisions.

Here, Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design (parent of the GROHE brand) shares insights straight from the design studio into the trends that will emerge in 2022.

Spa-inspired luxury, right at home

Living through a pandemic, coupled with seeing more of each other’s homes on Instagram Reels and TikTok hacks, means we’re all looking to invite more moments of indulgence and wellbeing into our homes. With searches for ‘freestanding bath’ and ‘slipper bath’ increasing by 228% and 237% respectively in the last year according to Houzz[1], it’s clear that creating a spa-like bathroom is an ideal first step to inviting luxury into our homes.

Think calming scents, greenery and thoughtful design to Japanese style toilets and step in spa showers at the top end of the scale. Wall-hung units and sanitaryware make for a more streamlined bathroom, ideal for smaller spaces, while metallic-finished brassware and soothing rainfall shower heads add a premium touch.

Grohe Spa Luxury

A more sustainable home

While relaxing showers, minimalist wet room designs and slim-line taps are growing in popularity, easily sustainable homes have also become a top consideration for us following the pandemic, with our impact on the planet being highlighted more than ever. Enabling homeowners to live more sustainably without compromising on design or features, GROHE’s product innovations include cold-start taps to help save energy and technology to reduce water flow across taps and showers without disrupting usage.

GROHE’s flagship Cradle-to-Cradle Certified® to Level Gold product ranges have been designed to work towards a circular economy, meaning each component can be broken down and re-used endlessly in future products – helping homeowners’ shop with a conscience.

Grohe bathroom Trends

Office cooler convenience

While we might be saving hundreds of pounds a year forgoing a shop-bought coffee on our morning commute, filtered water to keep refreshed and hydrated throughout the day is a luxury we can keep – without the guilt of buying bottled water. Swapping the office water cooler for your local tap water may not initially scream sophistication, but with GROHE’s Blue Home water system, we’re encouraging the reduced use of plastic water bottles while enjoying the most convenient of refreshments.

The system, which acts as a filter for tap water, refines the taste as well as offering chilled still, semi-sparkling or sparkling water in an instance. Staying hydrated throughout the day, without compromising on quality, has never been easier.

Hygiene meets technology with infra-red

While both the kitchen and bathroom have always been of utmost importance when it comes to cleanliness,
living through a pandemic has perpetuated the need for easy cleaning therefore, the demand for premium,
hygiene-focused products.

With GROHE’s infra-red taps, people can wash their hands without the need to touch any surfaces; offering
efficient cleaning for the hygiene-conscious as it reduces the chance of spreading germs, with added water
saving capabilities too.

Complete with an adjustable temperature limiter to help save energy and cut the risk of scalding and lowenergy electronics, the infra-red solutions are the go-to for those opting for more sustainable choices in the home.

Plus, their slim profiles and sleek profiles make them the perfect design feature for smaller bathrooms and

Finishing touches

With the number of people regularly working from home continuing to increase and spending more time indoors, coupled with taking inspiration from the home renovation industry’s micro-influencers, individual tastes are expected to be seen aplenty this year.

Greens and neutral colours are expected in the kitchen to help create the perfect hybrid space, while searches for coloured bathrooms are on the rise too – expect to see black finishes, darker tones and textures being incorporated into the bathroom as it continues to transition from functional room to a space of self-care and wellbeing.

Metallic finishes, industrial design features and innovative technology are also on track to be in high demand, with hygiene playing a major part in home decisions for the coming years.