This week, we caught up with Hewi’s UK Sales Director to find out why compliance is so important to the manufacturer and its customers.

BR: Describe the philosophy of Hewi?

SM: HEWI believe in creating aspirational accessible bathrooms for everyone. By combining innovative engineering with beautiful contemporary design HEWI help our customers turn dated and non-compliant spaces into desirable and compliant modern bathrooms.

BR: What is the Hewi definition of good design?

SM:At HEWI we are constantly striving to improve both the look and the functionality of our ranges. By incorporating the accessible requirements into the actual product, we achieve what we refer to as hidden accessibility. Washbasins become load-bearing supports, shower risers double as grab rails and drop-down hinged support rails can be totally removable. Good design for us means ensuring everyone gets the same high-quality experience no matter how they move about a bathroom.

BR: Why is compliancy important to Hewi?

SM: We believe in an inclusive world for everyone whether you are young or old, have a disability or not. As different countries have created their own compliancy standards HEWI have produced ranges of products to facilitate each region’s individual requirements. For decades we have been leaders in championing compliant solutions, and we feel rightfully proud of our history.

BR: What are the benefits of compliant products to the specifier?

SM: When creating a new accessible space, the specifier is legally required to create a compliant solution. HEWI has long-standing relationships with a wide range of clients from Architects to Interior Designers. We offer our partners the peace of mind that when they specify a HEWI solution, they know that it will be fully compliant with the law.

BR: What are the benefits of compliant products to the end consumer?

SM: It is not so much a benefit to the consumer but rather it is a right and we need to think about these spaces in those terms. If someone has need of an accessible area, they should be able to interact with the relevant equipment in a safe and comfortable fashion. HEWI have been at the forefront of creating contemporary and inclusive products since the 1980’s. We believe that not only should a space be compliant it should be pleasant and comfortable to be in.

BR: Is the UK behind the times in terms of its compliancy status?

SM: By no means! The UK have some of the best standards in the world. In fact, many parts of the world with fewer legal requirements means the specifiers and consumers will regularly look to UK standards to create their accessible spaces. At HEWI we work across many different regions and so are perfectly placed to advise a potential client on what would work best for their project in their specific country.

BR: Does Hewi have plans to develop more products in this arena?

SM: At HEWI we are constantly looking to improve what we already have while creating new and increasingly innovative solutions to add to our extensive portfolio. Our award-winning ranges and dedicated expertise in this vital sector will continue to grow for many years to come.


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