In 2024, Roman is set to unveil a series of compelling compound development updates, with a key highlight being the deployment of two large electrical gates on the premises.

The gated area facilitates the establishment of a dedicated warehouse and picking area for finished goods. Controlled access to the premises is a strategic move aimed at prioritising a smoother operations system, which aligns with Roman’s commitment to operational excellence.

Contributing to a more streamlined workflow, the sealed section ensures that finished goods are handled with precision and care. This development is particularly pivotal in supporting Roman’s new national 48-hour delivery service, a testament to dedicated timely deliveries. Roman now holds 8,500 units of finished goods across key trade ranges, which allows products to be picked up on the same day to offer a new rapid delivery service.

David Osborne, chief executive officer, commented, “The installation of our new security gates is a significant stride in our commitment to efficiency and enhanced workflow. The recent developments will undoubtedly support our new initiatives, including the 48-hour delivery service. We’re excited about the positive impact this will have on our operations and, ultimately, on the experience of our valued customers.”

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