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DL: Tell us about the brand ethos behind Acquabella.

RH: Acquabella is synonymous with quality, design, and innovation, but above all, we like to be different. We have a large group with resources (such as ESG) behind us but retain the clear DNA of a close, family company. We have a commitment to customer service and always ensure we do not renounce the big challenges, such as continuing to be present in more than 40 countries around the world.

All in all, the human team remains at the centre of everything we do, and some, like me, are part of the same team that started 20 years ago.

DL: Who is your target market, and where is your brand positioned?

RH: We have been present in the British and Irish markets for about 12 years and have always followed the same route, direct to the independent bathroom retailer. They are our strength and have raised the brand’s prestige, helping us to gain recognition in the most demanding showrooms throughout the territory.

Acquabella’s positioning is at a medium-high level due to the quality of our manufacturing processes and the range of design we offer. This relationship finds a perfect balance in the boutique bathroom showroom sector.

DL: You have just launched the new Delia collection; tell us about that.

The design of the new Delia washbasin, like the new Natur Wave shower tray and the Hera wall panels, is based on and is a tribute to sea and water, and the underwater world. This is why the design has waves and ripples that featured as part of the stand concept presented in recent exhibitions. Water, and above all, the awareness of how important this resource is for life, is the common thread in our collection.

After achieving ISO 14001 certification we are much more sustainable in our manufacturing processes, and what better time to launch this collection with this element so closely linked to our shower trays?

DL: What sustainability goals/standards does Acquabella have in place?

RH: We have focussed on all aspects from the most important, such as better waste management and the reduction of emissions, to the reduction of material for manufacturing. We have also eliminated all paper in our manufacturing management process (now everything is automated in the factory and no longer printed). We have gradually introduced quality recycled cardboard to replace wooden packaging, and taken many other small actions that have helped us obtain the demanding ISO14001 certificate.

ISO14001 is the reference standard, worldwide, for the environmental management of organisations. It works as a practical guide for the company and allows us to identify and evaluate our environmental risks, reduce impact and improve environmental behaviour in the medium and long term.

DL: What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for Acquabella this year?

RH: We are looking forward to an exciting second part of 2023, and are tackling the challenges that lie ahead. The most important of which is to prioritise the imminent availability of shower tray stock from our best-seller collections in Worcester, enabling 24h delivery. We also aim to eliminate import taxes for our customers in the new price list (these will arrive within the month) and plan to change the logistics of products manufactured and brought over from Spain to control transit times, and the quality of materials delivered.

Another great asset for Acquabella is that the new catalogue is now being printed and will be available very soon to all our UK-IRE agents and customers.

DL: What plans do you have in store for 2023/24

RH: The roadmap does not change year after year: make Acquabella great in the UK, and make it the number one in the shower tray, engineered stone and resin product sector. This characterizes our group since the ENGINEERED STONE GROUP is already considered number one in that product sector.

We also look forward to Acquabella’s return to kbb 2024 exhibition in Birmingham, where we will once again try to surprise visitors with our stand and product commitment. But the most important thing is, with the new logistics strategy and the new availability of stock in the UK, we will move to a new level where we will be much more competitive against competitors, local manufacturers and distributors.