REVA meaning – “the one which connects” is an elegant and functional range of accessories from KEUCO. Accessories are not always the first components that spring to mind when creating a bathroom, but if missing from the room it is immediately noticed. Bathroom accessories, especially free-standing, are more than just useful items, when thoughtfully and creatively designed they bring style, harmony, and individuality to every bathroom design.

The REVA accessories series has been crafted as a clear geometric shape that works with a wide range of furnishing styles and living environments, regardless of fashion trends. They are high-quality with a flawless finish, available with a chrome-plated, or matt black finish which creates a particularly striking finish.

The REVA range includes a harmonious selection of accessories, which are both elegant and extremely practical such as the lotion dispenser; with its practical single-handed operation and white satin-finish inverted glass for easy filling. It is operated from below, there is no risk of water drops dripping from wet hands onto the surface of the dispenser.

Towel holders are available in single and double-arm versions and the toilet paper holder is available with or without a shelf; the REVA toilet brush set with a white satin-finish inverted glass has a removable plastic insert, which is easy to clean, and the toilet brush is always dry due to the drip reservoir.

The shower shelf comes in white or matt black and has a hidden secret – a glass squeegee is invisibly integrated into the design; as details that is both creative and practical. There are two recesses on the side of the shelf, these can be used to hang bathing and showering toiletries. (The shelf is also available without a glass squeegee.)

The REVA grab rail acts as a sturdy support in the bath or shower; the towel holder is available in sizes of 600 mm or 800 mm providing towels of any size enough space to dry away from the wall.

The bath towel rail has a smart detail, a hook on the side of the reverse – not visible from the front can be used to hang items such as a bath sponge. Towels or bathrobes hang securely on the slightly inclined hook and thanks to their solid wall mounting, all KEUCO accessories guarantee comfortable use and durability.

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