With restrictions over the past year leading to people spending more time both living and working in the home, REHAU Furniture Solutions has launched a new report delving into consumer preferences.

REHAU surveyed 2,000 UK homeowners to understand current attitudes to interior design, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Launched this week, the downloadable guide, titled Designing Different, explores the findings of the research, outlining how the demands of modern life have changed and how designers can provide solutions that resonate with consumers’ needs.

Of those surveyed, 69 per cent said that spending more time at home while under COVID-19 restrictions had increased their desire to make improvements to the kitchen and bathroom. Two thirds (67 per cent) also stated that they are more aware of bacteria on surfaces in their home, highlighting the need for hygienic solutions such as zero-joint edgebanding and non-porous work surfaces.

Just under half (47 per cent) agreed that it is important for visitors to complement their home décor and when it comes to choosing a new kitchen or bathroom, the majority (54 per cent) said that they listen to trends, but that it’s important to them that the design will still look good in years to come.

When asked about colour schemes, a third (31 per cent) of consumers stated their preferred option in the kitchen is new neutrals (greys), closely followed by white (29 per cent) and warm neutrals (creams and browns) at 26 per cent. Lively hues were bottom of the list, with only 6 per cent noting that they favoured bright colour pops.

Scott Williams, National Sales Manager for REHAU Furniture Solutions explains: “It’s clear that now more than ever, not only are consumers looking to update their homes, but they want do so with hygienic solutions that maintain a healthy home. More than this, our research shows that homeowners are looking for surfaces that are easy to maintain, as well as options that are of a high quality and will last a long time.

“It’s therefore important for designers to ensure they are specifying products that meet these requirements and indeed, explain the full benefits of opting for materials that are both built to enhance daily life and provide the reassurance of longevity.

“Our report delves deeply into what consumers want in their kitchens, bathrooms and beyond, not only providing insightful data-driven trends, but solutions that can help facilitate designs that suit modern needs.”

To download a copy of REHAU’s Designing Different report, visit: www.rehau.com/uk-en/designing-different