KBB Distributor PJH has launched a suite of innovative new technology tools that are designed to support both its retailers and their customers through the ‘research’ element of the sales journey.

Embracing ‘try before you buy’, one of the key new technologies is Augmented Reality (AR). PJH’s AR tool is facilitated through QR codes on its printed brochures and sales literature that allows those with a smartphone or tablet to see not only additional product features and benefits but also visualise products in a real-world environment.

Also launched is PJH’s new Virtual Reality (VR) tool, which using a PJH VR headset transports customers to a ‘virtual’ environment where they can not only view products but also interact with them for the totally immersive experience of being in PJH’s vast showroom.

Speaking about the new technology marketing support tools, Sally Hough, PJH’s Multi-Channel Marketing Manager, said: “The benefits to our retailers are enormous; the AR and VR allows them to demonstrate more products than their current range of displays, it allows them to support consumers, now able to experience products in their own space, on their buying journey, and also easily demonstrate product features.”

Sally added: “The end consumer is extremely tech savvy and looking increasingly to new technologies as an integral part of their buying process, especially when researching product features and benefits where being able to get a ‘real-world’ feel for a product can help secure a sale.”

The new marketing technologies suite supports PJH’s existing marketing materials such as brochures, point-of-sale and its virtual showroom, which together forms part of its aim to allow both customers and the consumer to “Imagine, Experience, Realise” its portfolio of bathrooms, appliances, sinks and taps.

To find out more about PJH’s latest Marketing Technologies suite, contact the company on:- Tel: 0800 8 77 88 99 or visit the e-commerce site: www.partners.pjh.uk

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