Bathroom and appliance distributor PJH has expanded its Learning and Development (L&D) team to introduce new talent and enrich its training programme further.       

The new team members include Lauren Fergus as L&D content creator, Justyna Prasek as L&D business partner South, and Guy Buggie as L&D business partner north. Guy, previously responsible for health & safety and compliance training across the UK, brings extensive knowledge in warehousing, transport, and safety. Justyna’s expertise lies in people skills and leadership development. At the same time, Lauren focuses on content creation for online learning and ensuring smooth Learning Management System (LMS) operations.

The enlarged team can offer a variety of training, delivered both face-to-face and online, utilising various technologies to create tailor-made, engaging and effective learning materials, including the use of animation.  Together the team will focus on interactivity and scenario-based learning as well as integrating the use of technology to make learning more relatable and targeted to specific PJH roles.

Speaking about the new team, PJH learning and development manager Dawn Kennedy said: “We have invested in and enlarged the L&D team to respond better to the diverse needs of the PJH workforce. We are now able to offer enhanced face-to-face and online learning in different ways, allowing employees to access a huge amount of content that is relevant to their role at the click of a button and at any time.

“The face-to-face learning components work alongside our online platform, allowing learners to book sessions online, receive certificates, and engage interactively during in-person sessions”.

Looking ahead, the enhanced L&D team aims to establish its new structure while exploring further innovations. Future plans include further expanding face-to-face learning opportunities and enhancing the use of technology in online learning.

The success of PJH’s evolving L&D program is evident in its impressive achievements: over 600 courses offered, more than 900 enrolments completed, 18,000 self-enrolments, 1,433 hours of online learning consumed, and an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 employee satisfaction rating. The innovative “Points for Modules” system, rewarding learners with “Points for Prizes,” has been a major hit, further motivating employee engagement and learning.

For further information on PJH, visit , or call, T: 0800 8 77 88 99.

Pictured  L to R: Guy Buggie, Justyna Prasek, Lauren Fergus & Dawn Kennedy

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