There is no doubt that bathroom style has had a major glow-up in recent years with many interior enthusiasts opting to combine functionality with design to create a space that offers a sanctuary for relaxation.

When it comes to planning a new bathroom, whether that’s a full remodel or a small upgrade, there are plenty of inspiring trends to create a real statement, from bold tiling and colourful palettes to natural materials and minimalist style. But what are the must-have looks we’ll all be clamouring for in 2023?

Ruth Foster, interior designer at online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum, shares her top four trend predictions for the year ahead.

Totally terrific tilework

“Rather than updating the entire bathroom suite, people are infusing a statement feature into their bathroom tiling.

“For 2023, we predict terrazzo, geometric and monochrome checkerboard designs will be the most popular for styles coming to bathroom tiles.

“Online searches for ‘terrazzo bathroom tiles’ have grown by a whopping 13,900 since the end of 2021, and we can see why. With its signature speckled stone look it adds a depth of sophistication to bathrooms.

In 2023, pair with a neutral colour palette and bathroom greenery to create a washroom with a natural and timeless theme.

“Geometric tilework allows you to be bold and put your creativity to the test and many are feeling daring in their bathroom design with online searches relating to geometric bathroom tiles jumping by 34,900 per cent since last year.

“Popular geometric patterns include hexagons, bricks, chevrons and parquet-like designs, and for a more masculine, yet artsy feel, opt for this in a monochromatic colour scheme. Combine with simple bathroom furniture to compliment your statement geometric tilework.

“While chequerboard tiling has always been a favourable choice in the bathroom this beloved retro style design has evolved and is back with a bang.

With year-on-year online searches of ‘chequerboard tiles’ up by 800 per cent, the mosaic style is now embracing softer and more feminine colours for a more elegant feel for 2023.”

Seamless screens

Victoria Plum 2023 Trends

“In 2023, we will be saying farewell to framed screens and hello to even more glass shower screens.

“Installing a seamless glass shower screen can maximise the feeling of light and space, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

“In the last 12 months, online searches for ‘glass shower screens’ has risen by a massive 87,900 per cent, showing that the seamless and spacious look is on the mind of shoppers for the coming year.

“Opting for a frameless shower screen also means you have even more opportunity to reflect your personality in your tile design and bathroom fittings, whether that is with gunmetal taps or bold shower panels.”

Luxe additions

“The evolution of the social media ring light is influencing our homes with chic backlit mirrors fast becoming a bathroom must-have. Online searches for ‘backlit bathroom mirrors’ are up 38,900 per cent in comparison to last year so this is definitely an emerging luxury trend for 2023.

“If a refresh of your bathroom accessories is all you need, then introducing a backlit mirror is a fantastic way to bring a combination of elegance, glamour and drama to your bathroom.

“Serving both a practical and aesthetic purpose, back-lit mirrors are ideal for style-switchers who fancy bringing a spot of extravagance to their bathroom.

“Introducing metalwork touches into your bathroom furniture and accessories has been gradually on the rise as a design trend since 2016 and there is no sign of slowing down.

“In 2023, we expect to see gunmetal make an appearance amongst the brass and copper metalwork features.

“Searches for gunmetal-related bathroom furniture and accessories are up year-on-year by 1,600 per cent. We predict many will use gunmetal accents to transform an ordinary bathroom into a more lavish space that can be effortlessly matched with a wide range of materials including marble, wood, stone and ceramics.”

Bathroom panelling

“A trend that has been popular throughout the entire home in 2022 is panelling (pictured top), and it’s set to take a step into the bathroom in 2023 to create the ultimate Cottagecore look.

“Online searches related to using panelling in the bathroom have grown by a massive 93,000 per cent in the past year, so it’s no surprise people are looking to kit out their bathrooms to match the new wall décor trend.

“Make a statement with panelling and install a freestanding bath with chrome claw feet for that extra luxurious feel. Opt for floating sanitaryware so the panelling can run seamlessly around the room, and if space allows include a design-led vanity unit with a pastel-coloured basin.”

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