Fifty per cent of UK householders say they would trust a plumbing product bearing the WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) logo, according to new research released to mark the first anniversary of its launch.

WRAS was officially launched in April 2021, having been separated from Water Regs UK in order to clarify the services offered by the business.

Both organisations previously operated as the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

The vision set out at the launch of WRAS was for it to be the most trusted independent UK certification body for plumbing products and materials.

The findings of the first of what will become an annual survey into public awareness of WRAS and its work reveal that progress is already being made.

Among 2,000 UK householders interviewed, over one in five (21%) said they had heard of the Water Regulations Approval Scheme.

And those who knew about the scheme also displayed good knowledge of some of the benefits of a WRAS approval.

Seventy seven per cent knew that WRAS approved products were checked to ensure they didn’t leak, while 79 per cent knew that WRAS approved products are checked to see if any non-metallic materials impact water quality.

Ian Hughes, Approvals Manager for the Water Regulations Approval Scheme, said:

“Our aim is to help businesses and consumers choose compliant products that keep water safe. That means ensuring WRAS is a trusted brand, among householders and non-householders alike.

“One year on from the launch of approvals as a dedicated business, these results are very encouraging and shows that a WRAS approval is a recognised route to demonstrating compliance with the regulations.”

As part of the study, WRAS also interviewed 500 people who were responsible for water services in commercial premises.

The findings revealed that awareness of WRAS among a trade audience was even higher than among consumers.

Nearly three quarters (74%) of the non-householders interviewed were aware of the Water Regulations Approval Scheme, while over two thirds (67%) said they would trust a plumbing product bearing the WRAS logo.

Ian Hughes continued:

“Not only does a WRAS approval offer the security that the Water Fittings Regulations have been complied with, it also offers commercial opportunities to manufacturers and retailers.

“Sixty two per cent of the trade audience in our study said they would pay a premium for a plumbing product that had a WRAS approval.”

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