The Botanic Sanctuary, a new boutique hotel located at the former convent site of Elzenveld, Antwerp will shortly open its doors, (summer of 2021). The hotel rooms are heated with Vasco’s electric Beams Mono radiators.

The historic grandeur of the building has been restored whilst the interior has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Luxury and comfort are central to the overall hotel concept, right down to the bathrooms. Here the electric Beams Mono radiators by Vasco guarantees optimum comfort for the guests and their elegant design dovetails seamlessly with their aesthetic surroundings.

The Botanic Sanctuary will be a very special place to stay; dating back to the Middle Ages, the historic convent building plus the infirmaries has been renovated and transformed into a luxurious five-star hotel with 108 rooms. Botanic Sanctuary will also house four gastronomic restaurants, a sizable conference centre, a wellness centre and a botanical garden.

“The renovation is mainly focused on the façades and roofs; with the interior being completely refurbished, with the exception of the floors and several historic ceilings”, says Johan Van Laer of project developer IRET Development.

Elegant design

All the materials have met stringent quality requirements. The hotel rooms are heated with Vasco’s electric Beams Mono radiators. This aluminium design radiator combines all the benefits of electric heating with purity of design.

“A high-end hotel such as this holds itself to high standards”, says Paul Sas of Versani, distributor of the Vasco heating systems. “The Beams Mono radiators boast an elegant and sleek design. The vertical profiles are just 150 mm wide and the connections are entirely hidden from view. At the same time they have a large thermal capacity. In the end the choice was an easy one.”

Optimal heating comfort

To generate electrical resistance the small profiles of the Beams Mono radiators are fitted with additional fins to increase the heat output. A cover panel is integrated at the back, in the same colour as the front, where the electrical resistance is entirely hidden from view. As a result the radiator can be heated to high temperatures, naturally with the option of automatically regulating the surface temperature according to your need.

Best option
“If we’re going to offer our guests optimum comfort in the colder seasons as well it is necessary to equip the bathrooms with additional electrical heating. From a price/quality ratio standpoint the Beams Mono radiators were our best option. They deliver exactly the thermal output we were looking for and their minimalist design is the perfect match for the aesthetic concept, which uses a maximum of natural materials”, Johan Van Laer explains.