Laufen is introducing its first non-bathroom specific range for the home. Consisting of seven pieces, the new Home Collection brings SaphirKeramik into other rooms of the home for the first time.

The range includes objects and accessories, inspired by Laufen’s collaboration with internationally renowned designers and the ongoing dialogue with the world of art and design.

The small sculptures decorate not only the bathroom, but can also add an elegant and original touch to other rooms throughout the house.

The Collection

Laufen Luxury Home Collection

Ceramic Polyhedron ‘Ikos’

A beautifully sculpted piece, using geometric straight edges and defined corners. Available in white and matt white, the sleek piece can be used as a purely decorative accessory or could be used as a side table.

Ceramic Sculpture ‘Baboon’

Pictured left – this simplistic, yet elegantly designed piece is perfectly suited to display objects or used as a convenient small table throughout the home. 

Ceramic Storage Tray ‘Aurelio’

At 100 x 95 x 40mm this handy storage tray has endless uses in any room. A classic design in both white finishes, the tray adds an original and stylishly designed touch wherever placed.

Laufen Luxury home Collection
Ceramic Book Holder

Ceramic Book Holder ‘Libro’ including Laufen image book

Pictured right – this is a perfect addition to any living space, library or kitchen, this elegant book holder will add a touch of geometric style to the room with its clean lines and sleek finish. It also comes with an exclusive image book – the perfect coffee table conversation starter.

Ceramic tumbler ‘TRIO Cup’

Continuing with the geometrical style this handy tumbler style cup has a multitude of uses in and around the home, from storing toothbrushes or as a pencil pot.

Small Ceramic Bowl ‘TRIO Tray’

Similarly styled to the tumbler, this useful secondary piece to the ‘TRIO’ is perfectly sized for storing precious trinkets and treasures.

Ceramic Soap Dish ‘TRIO Dish’

The third addition to the ‘TRIO’, this stylish soap dish is the perfect finishing touch accessory to any basin, whether in the bathroom, cloakroom, kitchen or utility room.

All pieces are available in both white and matt white.

A material like no other

To achieve the carefully sculpted new home collection, Laufen’s patented SaphirKeramik was a clear choice. This revolutionary, ceramic material achieves its exceptional hardness through blending with corundum, a colourless mineral, which is a component of sapphires. This gives SaphirKeramik a flexural strength equal to that of steel, yet it has the potential to be wafer-thin, giving designers almost infinite freedom to experiment.

Simultaneously hard and malleable, SaphirKeramik enables pieces to be made with very thin, yet very strong walls. The slim profile of SaphirKeramik means that it not only saves space but is also light and environmentally friendly. The new design characteristics of this innovative material are rooted in its exceptional hardness and strength.

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