The new CRYSTAL aerator from Neoperl, generates a clear laminar water stream from a tap or shower. Free of milky bubbles, often associated with water aerators, this crystal-clear water flow offers the benefit of being very quiet and splash-free, even when the water is falling from a great height.

This new range of Crystal retrofittable aerators offer optimal stream performance and comfort at flow rates of 15-25 litres per minute and are particularly useful in reducing the noise of running bath taps or showers. They reduce splashing too, so are very suitable for open showering situations where there may be more than one bather, as in a commercial shower or washroom. As the water stream stays compact, even when falling from a height of 2.5m, the water stays at temperature longer, effectively engulfing the bather in warm water.

Crystal aerator models are now available for shower heads, kitchen taps and bath taps and like most Neoperl retrofittable aerators can be simply inserted at the spout end of an existing tap, replacing any incumbent flow device, or in a shower, upstream of the outlet. For more advice on the correct model, please contact Neoperl UK on 01684-564869.

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