The circular BettePond was designed by Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam) as a reminder of the original shape of the tub. With a generous 150cm diameter, the circle is the perfect place for quiet contemplation and slowing down in everyday life – and a genuine oasis of tranquillity in the bathroom.

 “The circle is an original symbol of mankind, and represents harmony, infinity and oneness,” explains Sven Rensinghoff, Marketing Director at Bette. “Which is an extremely apt description of enjoying a bath, because time almost seems to stand still when we relax in the warm water, enabling us to find our way back to ourselves.”

Counterpoint or sparkling pool

Depending on the room architecture and place, BettePond can be chosen either as a free-standing or built-in version. The free-standing version has the word “Silhouette” after the name and can be used as a specific style tool in the bathroom.”

BettePond Silhouette attracts admiring glances simply by its sheer presence, the result of the volume of the cylindrical body, the elegant material and the flawless, brilliant surface.

For those who prefer a more subtle look, but still want to enjoy the comfort of a circular bath, BettePond can also be inset into a surface. With its slender rim of only 8 mm, the bath then looks like a sparkling pool that is perfect for a peaceful, contemplative bath – with plenty of storage all round for shampoo, towels and soaps. Adding a whirl system to BettePond will increase the well-being even further.

Spectacular in form and format

Realising this inviting circle in glazed titanium steel called for every ounce of Bette’s mastery. Although the reduced circle appears basic in form, producing a bath from this strong material demanded a profound knowledge of the material and manufacturing process.

“Creating a round form with a diameter of 150 cm and the smooth connection of the interior and exterior called for an extremely high level of skill in the processing of glazed titanium skill,” explained Sven Rensinghoff. The completely hygienic material, glazed titanium steel is not only extremely durable, but is also notable for its skin-friendly properties, permanent colour stability and impermeability to cosmetics and bath additives.

BettePond baths have a thirty year warranty.