Oxfordshire based VitrA Bathrooms has published a new library of award-winning print brochures for both their Bathroom Collection and their Designer Collection.

For each collection, the company has produced one brochure with the end-user, the bathroom-purchaser in mind, and another brochure that acts as a complete technical guide for retailers and specifiers.

Each brochure offers an easy, instinctive journey through the best bathroom product design with the consumer brochure being peppered with style and design recommendations, sizes, prices, and suggestions for complementing ideas and products. The brochures share stunning lifestyle imagery of VitrA’s in-house designs as well as collaborations with international designers.  Available in print and online, the design of VitrA’s brochures has been recognised with an award for Best Catalogue Creative & Print Production Partnership – awarded by the Direct Commerce Association to VitrA Bathrooms and its creative agency commissioned for the project Mark-Making*

Margaret Talbot, marketing manager for VitrA in the UK and Europe, explains, “These brochures are a step-change in bathroom marketing tools, each is a detailed and inspirational bathroom guide for consumers, designers and importantly our retailers.    This suite, complemented by online formats along with a range of videos, aims to provide maximum support for anyone interested in bathrooms for themselves or their customer.”

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