WATERTRAIN® is a new flexible kit that speeds up the design process for tap manufacturers, providing all the required pipework for various tap shapes and sizes.

WATERTRAIN® is also pre-approved by IAPM and KIWA, saving manufacturers the time and cost of gaining individual product approvals and offering reassurance on quality.

Watertrain® is a standard polymer waterway that can be installed into taps of any shape or material, and it uses established technology that separates the tap body from water contact, preventing any migration of toxic metals from the faucet body into the drinking water. It provides the tap manufacturer with a safe, hygienic, flexible, and cost-efficient waterway from angle valve to aerator.

The polymer tubes can be cut to length to fit various sized tap bodies giving great flexibility and it enables the manufacturer to keep less stock by standardising components. There is no need for the additional cost of plastic moulding tools, due to the flexibility of the cut-to-length polymer tubes. They are also simple and fast to assemble using snap and push fit connections. This new Watertrain® will work on washbasin, kitchen or touchless taps and with a selection of Neoperl aerators offering optimised performance for stream pattern and flow rate.

Martin Doll, systems category manager at Neoperl said of this innovation “Watertrain® is a self-contained standalone waterway for faucets/taps. It is pre-approved by institutes so our manufacturer customers can use it for any taps that they are producing. They no longer need to seek separate approvals for hygienic drinking water or for the mechanical tests. So, it offers a full-service package for our customers and that’s very attractive. When demonstrated at the ISH trade show the response was tremendous.” 

Check out more details at https://www.neoperl.com/global/en/home/products/innovations/watertrain/  Another product solution exclusively from the Neoperl Group.

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