Sintered stone manufacturer Neolith has launched two new products inspired by the great natural landscapes on Earth and the precious materials we find on it.

Part of Neolith’s new Classtone and Fusion collections, Calacatta Roma and Cappadocia Sunset, are inspired by the wonders of nature.

They are equipped with Neolith’s unique NeolEAT technology, which helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria on surfaces used as countertops or that are in contact with food.

These models, like all Neolith’s surfaces, are made up of a natural composition. They are made with a selection of natural raw materials, are 100% recyclable, and do not contain added quartz to their formulation.

An ode to natural magnificence and craftsman excellence

Inspired by the splendour of Ancient Rome, Neolith Calacatta Roma (pictured below) pays homage to Italian Carrara marble, combining classic elegance with modern sophistication. Its ochre and grey veins stand out against the white background, providing sobriety and distinction. It is an ideal choice for spaces that require a touch of luxury and refinement, while maintaining durability and functionality.

With Neolith Cappadocia Sunset (pictured top) we move to the Cappadocia region, in central Turkey. This area has been inhabited for thousands of years and is the home to some of the most fascinating rock formations in the world. Underground cities or lunar landscapes caused by volcanic eruptions, as well as the primitive movements of the Earth, have served as inspiration to create this model.

Cappadocia Sunset evokes the textures, movement, and dynamism of the Turkish region, without compromising the elegance, colour neutrality and balance that characterize Neolith.

Each one of these models becomes a work of art that not only transforms spaces, but also tells a unique story.

Since its creation in 2009, Neolith has become the best solution for interior and exterior projects, combining exquisite design and high functionality.

Just like all Neolith models, Cappadocia Sunset and Calacatta Roma are made from sintered stone which has unique functionalities alongside extreme resistance to heat and extreme atmospheric conditions. They are hygienic, very easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. They are the ideal material for any project and can be used on countertops and furniture, as well as on walls and floors, covering facades or in gardens and swimming pools.  Due to their all-natural composition, Neolith products have an extended life cycle and can be recycled at the end of their usable life.

Calacatta Roma and Cappadocia Sunset are now available through Neolith’s own international distribution centres, as well as the firm’s global network of distributors. The new models will be available to all channels within the UK & Ireland, including A&D, kitchen and bathroom showrooms, and housebuilders.

Neolith Calacatta Roma surfaces

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