The award-winning Mikado aerator from Neoperl certainly does its bit when it comes to saving water. This clever device, which can be retrofitted to a bathroom tap, reduces the flow of water to just over a litre a minute, that’s at least a 65% saving on an average tap.

Its eye-catching flow creates a grid-like spray pattern formed by individual water jets, clearly demonstrating that a practical solution can also produce a beautiful design. It’s a perfect solution for a cloakroom or bathroom where the bowl is rarely filled and is predominantly used for hand washing.

The Mikado, which won a Red Dot award on launch, offers three attractive water stream patterns from slim, close-meshed to expansive and all offer integrated PCA* technology enabling a virtually consistent flow rate from 1.3 litres per minute, regardless of pressure fluctuations. With less water being used through the tap, the energy needed to heat it is saved as well.

Retrofitting an aerator is very simple. The water supply can be left on and It requires a special tool from Neoperl to remove the incumbent aerator or stream straightener affixed to the end of most modern taps. The new Mikado is then simply screwed back in to the holder.

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