MHK, a European buying group for independent kitchen, bathroom and bedroom retailers, is celebrating its fifth anniversary of operation in the UK market.

The buying group, which officially launched in January 2018, has grown exponentially in the UK. It says it has incontrovertible proof that its benefits are as good as they sound, as the business model has now been tried, tested and proven in the UK for five years by some of the UK’s leading premium independent KBB retailers across the country.

Paul Wheeler, sales director, MHK UK said: “Steady, strategic growth by bringing our win-win business formula to premium independent retailers was always our five-year plan for the UK market. We set an ambitious target because we knew once the extraordinary benefits of membership of MHK were explained, sign ups would follow.”

One of the biggest obstacles MHK has had to overcome was a belief that its offering was too good to be true. The group now has a strong and fast-growing membership base in the UK who will happily confirm that the benefits are indeed all good and all true. In a recent survey this month carried out by MHK of its members, 100% of respondents stated being a member of MHK has transformed their business and that everything that was promised prior to signing has happened.

Paul continues: “There was a myth being spread in the UK that becoming a member would mean giving up control of your business. But the fact is, any of our members will confirm this is not true and that they are totally in control of their own businessFrom start ups to industry stalwarts, our members are our biggest champions and can speak first hand of the benefits they have seen in making their businesses more successful and profitable.”

Among other benefits, MHK’s Central Payment System is unique and only available to its members. This system streamlines the payments process for both retail and supplier members, minimising credit risks for suppliers in the process. Lower risk means lower prices for MHK members. For premium retailers who are serious about growing their business, membership will help transform their business in so many ways. Indeed, this is confirmed by the recent member survey where the vast majority agree membership has transformed their business.

Andrew Hatfield founder of Concept 17, one of the very first UK members in 2018 said: “I joined MHK because of the fantastic payment terms – I thought they were too good to be true at first but felt there was nothing to lose as the one-off membership was refundable if I changed my mind.  Access to a broader range of suppliers at the drop of a hat has been a huge driver in taking on additional projects and scaling my business. For retailers who are still thinking twice about MHK, my advice would be to listen to the experiences of their members such as myself. We know it isn’t too good to be true and are reaping the rewards.”

Torben Schmid from Torben Schmid Kitchens said: “MHK has transformed my business. As a start-up business, both the advice they have given me and the extraordinary terms and prices have helped propel my business to the next level.”

Robert Kapteijn, from ASKO UK said: “We’d like to congratulate MHK on its fifth anniversary and its success in levelling up prices to empower independent KBB businesses in the UK. The group has fostered a mutually beneficial community that provides a win for both suppliers and retailers when it comes to pricing, access to brands, and peace of mind on payments.”

In addition to the first-class purchasing conditions, MHK UK supports its members with an extensive range of services developed over nearly 45 years.

Globally, MHK’s success story continues as it recently announces on the back of its financial year end (Dec 22) that 3,877 members generated sales of 9.727 billion euros (+9.1% YoY). In 2023, MHK will host its AGM in which both retail and supplier members across Europe will meet 2-4 June for a major summit in Berlin.

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