In response to living costs and energy bills increasing and many regions are now recognised as being in permanent water-stressed areas, Methven, global designer and manufacturer, has introduced an interactive online water calculator. The new calculator will support installers and architects in helping customers to achieve water and energy efficient shower installations. 

As part of Methven’s commitment to making water-saving, possible for all, the online calculator enables users to select the shower head they wish to use and tailor calculations according to household water usage.   

The recommended shower heads are optimised to operate at just eight litres per minute whilst providing customers with an invigorating shower that doesn’t compromise on performance, compared to shower heads that use an unrestricted 15 litres per minute. By using the calculator, Methven aims to help customers benefit from reduced water and energy use, and in turn, lower household energy and water bills by over £250 a year.  

Whilst the water saving calculator can be used by homeowners to help reduce their water usage, installers, retailers, and specifiers can also benefit from the tool by using it to recommend the best shower heads to customers who desire energy and water efficient showering solutions.

Featuring a savings breakdown where customers can view the payback period for their chosen showerhead, the interactive calculator also provides tradespeople with an opportunity to recommend Methven shower heads as a worthwhile investment. Additionally, to assist new homeowners, specifiers can confidently position the interactive calculator as a means to reduce ongoing costs.  

Chris Billingham, head of marketing, and innovation for Methven said: “In the present economic climate, homeowners across the UK are looking for ways to save money on their household bills and cutting back on water consumption is a key part of this.  

“As customers strive to be more sustainable our online water saving interactive calculator will support industry professionals in helping customers choose water-efficient and cost-effective products, without compromising the overall showering experience.” 


The water-saving calculator is now available to use on Methven’s website.

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