The second interview in our Meet The Designer series is with Dominik Tesseraux, Tesseraux + Partners. As Tesseraux + Partners continues its collaboration with KEUCO, we find out design plans this year and the one thing you will never find in Dominik’s bathroom…

BR: What motivates you in your professional life?

DT: The daily experience of life is for me a good motivation. I see, feel and discover so much potential for good product development.

BR: Where do you get your inspiration from when embarking on a new bathroom design?

DT: We are in a good position because we are working on three different design areas: the bathroom, kitchen and living room. These markets influence each other. But for us, it is important to consider a common sense approach when embarking on new projects and products.

BR: What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

DT: Being a designer has so many different aspects: The brand, the concept, the design, the construction, the production, the marketing. As a designer, you are involved in every little detail of the whole process and it is up to you to moderate all aspects. For me, it is the best and one of the most ambitious professions I can imagine.

BR: What is the one thing we will never find in your bathroom?

DT: In my bathroom you will never find a TV.

BR: Can you tell us about any projects you are working on at the moment?

DT: At the moment we are working on a new bathroom concept: faucets, accessories and furniture. We are also designing a shower plate and a bathtub series. The latest washbasins are being created with a new innovative fabrication. You can expect to see a new living room furniture design concept this year too.

BR: What bathroom design trends can we expect to see next?

DT: In my opinion bathrooms are becoming smarter, but they also will be more emotional. Light, natural materials and haptic perception are important aspects.

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