Acquabella, a leading Spanish bathroom manufacturer, presents a wide choice of styles and materials in the basin arena. Stylish design options are available to suit a variety of layouts giving designers the freedom to cater to bespoke preferences for a myriad of different bathrooms.

Countertop Basins

Countertop basins are an enduringly popular choice for consumers as they make an immediate design statement. In Acquabella’s range, designers can choose from the beautiful Acquawhite collection, which incorporates the Levi and includes both rectangular and circular models. Vars and Venet deliver circular, square and rectangular basins. All basins are made from Acquabella’s newest resin and mineral material, the antibacterial, easy mould Dolotek.

Launched at KBB this year, the new Chrea is a style-informed basin moulded to deliver a contemporary smooth, sculptured look in purest white.

On-Top Basins

For those who prefer stone worktop basins, Acquabella offers the On-top models with either Slate model- stone texture or the cement texture for the more contemporary Beton model. These are resin basins that combine the finish of stone basins with the advantages of new materials: easy to clean, customisable and antibacterial. Select from a variety of colour combinations in circular, rectangular, oval and square designs. These are available in stunning XL configurations which are great for avoiding splashes and water loss.

Built-in basins

Undoubtedly the most practical option.  Worktops with recessed basins are very easy to clean, with a large surface area without any joints. Acquabella offers a huge choice of shape, colour and design options in this range which comprises Integra and Infinity. Single and double sinks options are also available across the range, and bespoke options are offered on request for Infinity.

 On-Top and Built-In basins are made from Acquabella’s unique material, Akron available in a choice of textures and 2000 colours.