EDGE a sustainability-focused design and construction showroom, will launch its London resource centre in Marylebone. The first of its kind, EDGE (Eco Design Green Environment) will showcase sustainability-minded brands, and will serve as an environmental hub where sustainability-conscious materials suppliers and specifiers such as construction companies, architects and interior designers can connect.  

The approximately 2400 square-foot EDGE centre will display cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of the sustainable design movement – a rapidly growing end-consumer trend as well as a crucial tool for a city like London to help it to achieve its climate-change-related goals and strengthen its perception as a leader in sustainability. Spanning three floors, EDGE offers a continually evolving, design-centred showcase of educational and aesthetic materials, collaborative workspaces, with on-hand advice for professionals and the public alike.  

George Papatheodorou, CEO of EDGE London, commented  

“We spend 80 per cent of our time indoors and at a time when the debate surrounding humankind’s impact on the earth, its climate and the people who inhabit it continues to intensify, it is more important than ever that we have a responsible attitude to material specification. To do so requires makers and manufacturers to take a considered approach to sustainability and at EDGE we make it our mission to find them. We do not believe that materials designed to reduce their negative social and environmental impact should ever hinder innovation – if anything, they should enhance it.” 

The hub will host both large, established brands as well as small independents, offering variety in everything from walls and floors to sustainable furniture. EDGE partners with and promotes materials manufacturers who prioritise sourcing raw materials based on provenance and quantity required; who aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce operations-related emissions; reuse resources, recycle waste and promote a more circular economy; create regenerative materials; and utilise closed-loop production methods.  

It will feature brands in surfaces and space-enhancing solutions such as Kerakoll, Mobilane, Gencork, Sound Zero, Scale, Newtab22, Smile Plastic, Old Fashioned Milk Paint, and AFM Safecoat, as well as furniture and interiors brands such as Mater, Camira, Aurore Piette and Grown Bio. Amongst the interior and exterior building materials brands to be showcased are Bolon, Puretree, Amorim, Mogu, Woodpecker Flooring, Bio ean, Thermafleece, Bencore, Durat, Richlite, Aquaco Water Recycling, with many more being vetted and expected to come aboard in the coming months. 

EDGE will operate on an appointment-only basis. 

To book an appointment, email edge@edgelondon.eco or call 020 3876 7093. For more information, please visit http://www.edgelondon.eco.