This week marks the release of Bridgerton Season Three, Part Two, inspiring a welcome return to Regency-inspired, high-opulence interiors. Cosentino’s Le Chic collection is perfectly positioned to bring a touch of period flair to the home.

Crafted from premium minerals and recycled materials, the collection promises longevity from installation, assuring a beautiful and durable surface. For a modern twist on Regency design, look to Victorian Silver, a polished finish with silver and dark grey veining; Parisian Bleu, a rich blue finish with fine ochre veining; and Eclectic Pearl, a delicately veined finish with metallic accents. The collection is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and home offices, with applications as varied as backsplashes, worktops, walls, and flooring, imbuing homes with the captivating allure of history.

Whether you’re an architect designing a Regency-inspired home or a designer seeking to add historical charm to a modern space, Le Chic ensures your bathroom exudes all the luxury and refinement of the Regency period.

Katie Parry-Stone, Retail Expert at Cosentino UK, comments: “Veined surfaces can add interest, depth and layers to an otherwise flat surface, and the delicate pattern can be incorporated for designs that are characterful and intricate to introduce a touch of sparkle and glamour on countertops or splashbacks. Cosentino’s Le Chic collection features intricately patterned marble surfaces that bring modern yet timeless design to the home.”