LAUFEN says it doesn’t just look to the future once a year – it’s the job of any manufacturer to always anticipate what’s around the corner. But the new year is a good excuse to think about the upcoming trends for the next 12 months. From making a statement to focusing on sustainability, here are the six trends that LAUFEN predicts will define 2024. 

1. A hero piece

LAUFEN is predicting the rise and rise of the hero piece in the bathroom. Whether it be an eye-catching vanity or an oversized mirror, making a statement is crucial in bringing the entire room together. For those with enough space, a freestanding bath remains unbeatable as a centrepiece. An excellent example is the ILBAGNOALESSI bathtub (pictured above), which combines visual impact with comfort. Constructed from composite Sentec, it has a velvety texture and a slim border that expands at one end to provide a relaxing headrest and a practical surface area for objects. The shape of the ILBAGNOALESSI bath also chimes well with the current trend for curves in the bathroom. Its sleek and curvaceous design not only adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom but also helps to create a serene atmosphere for some well-deserved R&R.

2. Multigenerational bathrooms

Extended families living together in one household are becoming more common, in part due to our ageing population. As a result, there is an increasing demand for homes, especially bathrooms, that accommodate multiple generations. These family bathrooms should be accessible, safe, and adaptable to the needs of individuals of all ages, from the young to the elderly.

Homeowners can enhance accessibility by installing a flush-to-floor shower tray like the LAUFEN Pro and Pro S. Made from LAUFEN’s Marbond composite with an Antislip finish, these shower trays ensure both safety and convenience. Additionally, when it comes to the WC, older individuals may have difficulty rising from lower seats. Therefore, including a raised-height WC, such as the Pro Comfort Height wall-hung WC at 480mm instead of the standard 430mm, is a considerate addition.

Laufen trends 2024

Above: The Pro S shower tray (left) and Comfort Height LAUFEN Pro toilet (right) are both suitable for multigenerational family bathrooms.

3. Making sustainable choices

LUA Laufen Basin Chrome Trends 2024

In 2024, sustainability is not just a trend but a continuing necessity, with a focus on water conservation and waste reduction.

To start, the experts at LAUFEN recommend replacing old showerheads and taps with low-flow versions. Alternatively, you can choose a mixer tap like the LUA tap with LAUFEN’s ECO+ technology, which helps save resources. When you turn on the tap, the water starts off cold by default. You then turn the handle to the left to gradually introduce hot water, at which point the boiler is engaged. However, for quick handwashing, cold water is sufficient, which helps reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions.

When it comes to its bathroom furniture, LAUFEN only uses wood that originates from Europe and is certified by the FSC and PEFC. These guarantee sustainable and responsible forestry without overexploitation or uncontrolled deforestation. In addition, LAUFEN uses a high percentage of recycled wood to manufacture its wood composite materials, substantially reducing logging.

Above top left: LUA basin mixer in chrome with Eco+ technology; Main hero image: The New Classic wall-hung vanity is made from FSC-certified wood.

4. The rise of the ‘spathroom’

Laufen Trends 2024

Next, LAUFEN introduces the epitome of relaxation and functionality: the spathroom! These spaces combine the serenity of a spa with the practicality of a bathroom, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking a luxurious chill-out room as an escape from their busy lives. LAUFEN has recently unveiled a new smart shower system in collaboration with Andreas Dimitriadis of Platinum Design, enhancing the spathroom experience (below).

The new smart shower system is a modular design, which features a horizontal wall panel with light tiles, an illuminated storage niche, and a variety of shower heads. The centrepiece of the system is a 12-inch display screen that allows users to personalise their showering experience by pairing water therapy with sounds and lights. For instance, people can enjoy the sensation of standing under a waterfall while listening to the sounds of the sea. What’s more, they can choose a scheme – a candlelit hammam, for example – and the colour of the light tiles will change to evoke that warmth within the shower.

Pictured: LAUFEN’s smart shower system, which launches in 2024.

5. Creative designs for small spaces

As UK cities become more crowded and property prices continue to rise, space has become a valuable commodity. Consequently, bathrooms are being fitted into small and awkward spaces to maximise living and sleeping areas. This is particularly true in urban apartments and townhouses, where residents need to make the most of every square foot. Fortunately, LAUFEN excels at ensuring that limited space doesn’t mean compromising on style. For example, the VAL collection (right) offers basins with clean architectural lines and extremely slim edges (made possible by their SaphirKeramik construction, as explained in trend six), making them ideal for compact bathrooms, en-suites, and cloakrooms.

Laufen Trends 2024

6. The limitless possibilities of modern materials

Thanks to innovative materials, today’s bathrooms really can have it all: good looks, versatility, durability, and even low maintenance. A prime example can be seen in the reinterpreted ILBAGNOALESSO collection, which utilises the properties of LAUFEN’s SaphirKeramik. This material is a combination of ceramic and corundum, a component of sapphires, giving the resulting material the strength of steel while still being able to be formed into thin pieces.

A highlight of the new ILBAGNOALESSI collection is the iconic Tuna basin. Thanks to SaphirKeramik, it has been slimmed down to millimetres, resulting in an elegant and sculptural design (right).

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