The bathroom has become an extension of our living areas and a space to escape, unwind and relax. This means minimal design is here to stay, with an uncluttered, neat finish being the goal. Large slab format surfaces fit into this trend, creating a seamless impression in bathrooms and shower rooms.

Surfaces such as Ceralsio Ceramic and Inalco MDi from CRL Stone, are available in a large slab format and can be cut to an exact size to fit the space, achieving a bespoke solution with minimal grout lines and a seamless finish, even in awkwardly shaped spaces, with lots of corners and angles.

Importantly, the surfaces chosen for the bathroom need to work on a practical level in terms of ease of cleaning and durability too. Here again, Ceralsio Ceramic and Inalco MDi fully fit this brief. Both are non-porous materials that are highly scratch and stain resistant, so they stay looking their very best with minimal maintenance and aftercare – an important quality when used over large and visible areas of the bathroom.

Style is not compromised, however, but rather with these surfaces, it is enhanced, due to the wide selection available in each collection. Nature-inspired, Ceralsio Ceramic and Inalco MDi includes classic surfaces such as soft white, right through to sophisticated, strong designs such as Statuario and Meteora Gris (pictured).

The large format surfaces can be chosen as part of a bespoke shower solution from CRL Stone, incorporating glass, hardware and the surfaces themselves, all tailor-made to fit. By partnering with glass suppliers and fabricators around the country, CRL offers a completely new way of specifying showers, enabling retailers to provide consumers with a tailor-made option designed for the perfect fit, whether in the family bathroom or as part of an en-suite extension in an existing master bedroom.

For more details visit www.crlstone, or call CRL Stone on 01706 863 600.

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