West Vancouver, Canada, is the location of McLeod Bovell Studio’s latest architectural masterpiece, “Liminal House,” which seamlessly blends modern design with natural surroundings and showcases Lapitec sintered stone as a key element in its interior aesthetics.

Situated in the picturesque West Vancouver area, “Liminal House” serves as a transitional haven between urban living and the rugged Canadian coastline. The design ethos revolves around exploration and discovery, evident in its asymmetrical volumes, panoramic views, and seamless integration with nature.

The house is built on three floors covering a total of about 1.000 square meters. At the base, including the garage, the office and technical areas, there is space for the SPA and the exhibition room for the owners’ classic car collection. The living area unfolds on the main floor, on an open floor plan that minimises architectural barriers. The suites and other rooms, totaling six, are located on the highest level to enjoy the panoramic views of the surroundings fully.

One of the standout features of “Liminal House” is its extensive use of Lapitec sintered stone for both interior flooring and kitchen cladding. This innovative material, produced in Italy, offers unparalleled technical qualities, including strength, hygiene, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

The kitchen, a focal point of the residence, showcases Lapitec sintered stone in Grigio Cemento colour with a Lithos finish, providing a sleek and durable surface that complements the surrounding architectural elements. The material’s non-porous surface and natural composition ensure both safety and longevity, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or those exposed to the effects of the wind, UV rays and salt.

This material, produced in Italy through a patented process, is 100% natural and possesses advanced technical qualities for strength and hygiene. It is free from inks and petroleum derivates and is completely devoid of crystalline silica, ensuring safety for the health of those who work with and use it. 

Beyond its functional benefits, Lapitec sintered stone adds a touch of sophistication to “Liminal House,” enhancing its contemporary aesthetic while harmonizing with other materials such as concrete, Accoya wood, and aluminium used throughout the structure.

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