The new KEUCO glass wiper is designed to eliminate soap suds, shampoo and even limescale stains. Its minimalistic, handle-free design, means it is not immediately recognisable as a glass wiper, partly due to its elegant linear shape. The wiper is 82 mm, wide and because of its structure, it makes it easy to clean corners, narrow angles or hard-to-reach places.

This cleaning aid has a groove-less design which avoids deposits of residue particles, guaranteeing a high standard of hygiene.

KEUCO Glass Wiper

It has a built-in strap that makes it particularly easy to store, the loop is in the same colour as the glass wiper and it can be hung up, either on the hook provided or anywhere else in the bathroom. At the same time, when you put your hand through the loop, it stops it from falling when you are using it. The loop means the wiper can be hung up in the bathroom using the self-adhesive wall holder that is supplied, it is very easy to fix to the shower wall using the “sticking instead of drilling” system. Just select where it is to be applied i.e., the wall or shower partition then clean the surface, remove the foil on the base of the holder and press onto the cleaned dry area. The very flat design ensures that the wiper lies elegantly on the wall.

Complementing the latest trends the wiper is available in white, black, grey and truffle so it can be harmoniously integrated into the colour scheme of the bathroom.

The core of the glass wiper is made of high-strength plastic, while the outside is covered with silicone, allowing for a velvety, pleasantly soft touch. The plastic core provides stability but is lightweight. The silicone coating ensures it lies in the hand without slipping even when hands are wet. However, should it fall, the soft surface will not leave any scratches or dents on the floor or shower surface.

KEUCO Glass Wiper