Kaldewei is launching the MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO – created by the Munich based designer Stefan Diez. With this free-standing bathtub, the German bathroom manufacturer demonstrates how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand, even in smaller bathrooms.

The MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO is available in two sizes as well as in alpine white and in numerous elegant colours from Kaldewei’s Coordinated Colours Collection. Allowing it to fit perfectly into any bathroom.

Taking resource conservation into account, the MEISTERSTÜCK combines organic, durable materials made from recyclable Kaldewei steel enamel. The OYO DUO is the new highlight to emerge from Kaldewei’s LUXSTAINABILITY world.

Neither loft nor living room areas are needed to stage the OYO DUO as it sets its own scene perfectly and turns your bathroom into a modern private spa. At its preview at the Fuorisalone in Milan, the MEISTERSTÜCK caused an stir among the international audience. Here the new Kaldewei bathtub was part of the “Design Forever” exhibition by Elle Décor Italia.


KALDEWEI’s many years of experience, ensure that the interior shape of the KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO is extremely comfortable and has the perfect size to immerse your body and relax, yet it has been designed to hold less water, which is another benefit to the environment.

The double-walled bathtub has been inspired by Japanese porcelain and is comprised of 100 percent recyclable and sustainable steel enamel. This precise design is possible due to the highest level of German engineering.


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