The architecture start-up Vagabundo is young, environmentally conscious, and modern, founded in 2020 with the aim was to create sustainable living spaces with a long-life span. The KALDEWEI MIENA washbasin and the floor-level KALDEWEI SUPERPLAN ZERO shower surface created by designer Werner Aisslinger both feature in the bathrooms of the Tiny Houses.

What do we really need – to live and to live in? Vagabundo founders Luca Knipp, Michael Leitner and Andreas Mullner, found the answer to this question in their mobile Tiny House.

The young entrepreneurs want to redefine living in a small space: less space paves the way for freedom to live. They have created a maximum living space over two floors with a minimum ecological footprint using regional materials such as wood and resource-saving production to protect the environment.

The two corporate philosophies formed a “perfect match” from the start, and this stance fits perfectly with KALDEWEI’s design and sustainability standards along with the material advantages of recyclable steel enamel, which the bathroom manufacturer has ‘almost’ perfected over the years.

“With our tiny houses, it was clear to us from the start that we had to ensure that the houses had a long lifespan. After all, what’s the point in buying a miniature house if it doesn’t last as long as a normal house?” Luca Knipp, Vagabundo’s architect, describes the start-up’s idea.

Vagabundo’s Tiny House

Using local production avoids long delivery routes and because the house stands on supports, the floor does not have to be sealed, as is often the case in the construction industry.

“We paid attention to every small adjustment screw that could have an impact on the ecological footprint. As a young company, we designed our business processes to be as climate- friendly as possible right from the start and thus meet important standards,” emphasises Michael Leitner, the industrial engineer responsible for project management at Vagabundo.

In addition, all greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided or that can be saved elsewhere are compensated for. Maximum transparency in the traceability of raw materials is also of utmost importance to the young start-up.

Vagabundo’s Tiny House

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