The new bathroom planner on the Kaldewei website offers users the option to plan their new dream bathroom in 3D, and receive VR glasses to view.

Users can create their own plan or use one of the sample bathroom layouts; after planning if they enter their address and they will be sent environmentally friendly cardboard VR glasses to enable them to view the bathroom as if they were standing in the room.

Whether guest bathroom or converted attic spa, there are a large selection of shower surfaces, washbasins and bathtubs to choose from, enabling an individual’s style to bevisualised in simple steps. Bathroom furniture, partitions and accessories areintegrated along with different materials and colour options for the floor and walls.

There are no limits for creativity and at the end of the consultation the planning tool provides an itemised list of products to be used, ensuring the virtual dream bathroom can become a reality in no time at all.

Click the link to go directly to the Kaldewei bathroom planner.

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