Elcad software from Innodraw is fast and accurate. It can measure an average kitchen, bathroom or bedroom in under 20 minutes. Showing the size and location of all the walls, doors, windows, electrical sockets, plugs, water outlets, air-condition and more. 

Elcad also creates Construction Accurate and 2D and 3D drawings. Sending them directly from your customer site, straight to your designers CAD program.

Automatic conversion of the digital drawings to AutoCAD, Sketchup and other leading formats.

Click the link below to view a short video on how Elcad can quickly measures a room:

3D measuring  (3:45)

to view full 3 D Measurments Full 3 D Measurments 

To find out more about Innodraw’s 30 days trial of its super fast and highly accurate Elcad Software contact –

Alistair MacLennan
UK Authorised Distributor and Service Provider
InnoDraw Ltd

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