Ideal Standard has announced a unique series of events, the Together World Tour, blending an innovative digital format with the attraction of a physical event.

What do Milan, Berlin, London, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai have in common? These cities are renowned cultural capitals of the world, and also the locations for Ideal Standard’s new event designed for the international Architecture & Design community. The Together World Tour will address a global audience through an innovative fusion of digital content and physical interactions across these key locations.

Unveiling exclusive world-premiere product launches, the event will dive into the design culture of each of these iconic cities, and offer attendees a series of “unforgettable moments”. The tour aims to combine the best of digital and in-person events. Its ambition is to inspire and entertain.

“The Together World Tour begins in Milan, the capital of design and home of the Global Design Centre of Ideal Standard. This city for so long has been the source of our inspiration. The event will be an energetic story bringing to life the fashion and lifestyle inherent to Milan” says Ideal Standard’s Chief Design Officer, Roberto Palomba.

The tour will give architects and designers, the retail community and design lovers from across the world a front row seat to the launch of stunning new collections.

Torsten Türling, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Standard, explains why he believes this approach is the future for the brand and for the industry: “The pandemic has changed the rules for traditional physical events. Rather than simply offer an online showroom, we have invented a new way toconnect with our customer base all around the world, digital and personal, a dynamic experience enabling us to explore the values of our brand and resulting in what we believe will be a journey of unforgettable moments of inspiration and delight.”

The first event of the Together World Tour will be held on April 21st, 2021. It begins in Milan and will then continue throughout 2021 and into 2022 visiting 6 cities in total. It will be packed with a mixture of live and streamed content, simultaneously translated into several languages. The interactive experience encourages participants to engage with the live event, click to discover new collections, or zoom in on a location to unlock exclusive content.

Participants will also be given the opportunity to individually connect with the company’s Chief Design Officer and other key personnel.

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