Bathroom solutions manufacturer Ideal Standard International has been awarded a ‘Silver Medal’ by EcoVadis in recognition of its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The provider of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis, put the company in the top 25% of more than 85,000 to be evaluated globally using its independent assessment platform, which covers the four holistic areas of environment, ethics, sustainable procurement, and labour and human rights.

The report highlights a particular strength in the environment and sustainable procurement areas. It positions Ideal Standard in the top 15% of its industry in what is only its first assessment by EcoVadis.

The silver medal follows on from the business publishing its first sustainability report, Together for a Better Future [], in March, outlining a series of targets in areas like decarbonisation, recycling, health and safety at work and equality of opportunity. The document set out Ideal Standard’s belief in transparency in its sustainability practices and made a commitment to quantified targets in areas like carbon footprint, plastic packaging reduction and use of timber from sustainable sources.

Jan Peter Tewes, CEO of Ideal Standard International, said: “This is the latest in a series of achievements by Ideal Standard as we fulfil our commitment to sustainable operations and responsible business practices as outlined in our comprehensive ESG Strategy.

“We have said for many years now that the way we do business is every bit as important as the business we do, and our participation in the EcoVadis assessment is another example of our desire to do the right thing and to be transparent about it too. We are particularly pleased that our environmental performance was deemed ‘advanced’, validating our dedication to integrate sustainability principles in our entire business.”

Bathroom Review Ecovadis Ideal Standard

The EcoVadis rating recognises Ideal Standard’s ambitious sustainability commitments, practices and achievements, including the removal of all single use plastic from its packaging, the publication of independently verified Environmental Product Declarations for more than 4500 individual products and the implementation of sustainability criteria in its product development stages using the company’s new EcoLogic approach.

The assessment report also provides specific recommendations for maintaining and improving the score for the following year.

Fatima Mimoumi, the group ESG Director at Ideal Standard, said: “This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of the entire Ideal Standard team, whose collaboration and commitment to their daily work helped us achieve this important goal.

“We also thank our customers and business partners for their support and trust. It is a collective achievement that spurs us on to continue improving good sustainability practices.

“Our EcoVadis assessment has provided us with many recommendations that we will be prioritising and implementing over the coming years as we aim to better our outcomes in future assessments.”

For more information about our sustainability programme, visit the website:  A detailed summary of this year’s achievements and upcoming plans will be available in the new 2023 sustainability report, due to be published in the first quarter of 2024.

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