Acquabella operates within the ES group, a European holding company specialising in mineral-based bathroom products, including shower trays, washbasins, bathtubs and wall panels. Encompassing the brands Fiora, MC Bath, Nuovvo, and Oh My Shower, the group has created a new role for Rob Heredia, taking his 15 years of experience as Acquabella area manager.  

Rob’s mission is to enhance the technical intricacies of the products across all brands, thereby facilitating the work of installers and plumbers. Today, we uncover more about this important new role.

BR: As Acquabella undergoes new and exciting transformations, could you provide insights into the developments?

RH: We are taking advantage of the synergies of being part of a large corporation and are always searching for excellent customer service. Last year, we opened our first warehouse in Worcester with a permanent stock of shower trays, enabling express deliveries to the UK and Scotland. We are also constantly developing new solutions and resources for installers and plumbers, such as training sessions, installation videos and support from our Bathroom Doctor.

BR: Your recent appointment as Bathroom Doctor at ES Group signals a significant change. How do you anticipate your new role contributing to Acquabella’s commercial growth strategy within the UK market?

RH: After my success as the Acquabella brand ambassador (UK), I am excited to start a new challenge as a Bathroom Doctor. It is time to focus on one of our most important audiences – installers. I am also eager to expand my reach to other markets, such as Germany and France. I’m sure this push towards a more professional audience will bring new business not only for Acquabella but also for the other brands included in the Group.

BR: What is the meaning behind the name, and what are the primary objectives within your new role? 

RH: As the Bathroom Doctor for ES Group, my job involves engaging installers with our products, particularly shower trays. My aim is to make their working day better and quicker and help them make more money. We strive to enhance the technical aspects of our products and communicate the main advantages: ease of use, quick installation, cleanliness, and finish. This is a highly technical position, requiring a solid understanding of all installation methods and an ability to effectively train installers and apprentices.

BR: In what ways will installers benefit from engaging with Acquabella’s Bathroom Doctor initiative?

RH: I believe this position is necessary because I am very curious apart from my commercial objectives. I discuss every product detail with our R&D manager, and ideas come to life through discussion. We have created a WhatsApp group in the UK specifically for installers. This allows us to share projects, installation tips, and advice. And this is just the beginning. In Germany, we recently launched a brand-new installation video, a key tool for professionals where they can witness how easy, fast and clean it is to install our shower tray and panels.

BR: Could you elaborate on the apprenticeship and training opportunities Acquabella currently offers aspiring professionals?

RH: Within ES Group, we recognize the importance of training and supporting our installers and apprentices. We regularly provide on-site courses on various products, such as shower trays and panels. We also attend installation fairs and trade shows to connect with our clients and showcase our products and benefits. I am on the front line of this effort, actively engaging installers and apprentices. Soon, we will be incorporating CPDS to make our courses and presentations more compelling and informative.

BR: In a world obsessed with AI – where do you see Acquabella innovating/benefitting from new technologies?

RH: Both Acquabella and ES Group are very actively engaging with AI, with our AI committee being chaired and run by our Group CEO. We see huge benefits across almost every aspect of our market place. However, to start with, we are very focused on the huge and immediate advantages AI can bring to customer service, marketing, and NPD. They are our focus for now.

BR: And finally, on a lighter note, being immersed in the world of bathrooms, what’s the most memorable or amusing experience you’ve had whilst working for Acquabella?

RH: Building a new market for Acquabella 15 years ago, with a new and innovative product, was a challenge, especially since I could hardly speak any English. However, I was determined to improve my language skills, and I improved by reading books and listening to English music.

For my personal growth, I have had the privilege of meeting numerous clients who have become friends, as well as building an exceptional team of commercial agents. I have countless unforgettable memories and anecdotes from my journey with Acquabella.

Professionally, I have experienced historic moments, such as receiving the European Company of the Year 2019 award in Warsaw. This was a great moment for me and Acquabella.

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