HiB has introduced a new brushed brass finish to the Solstice mirror range.

Offering a sleek and decadent feel, the brushed brass finish is now available to complement the growing collection brassware and furniture released earlier this year and is perfect for those seeking to create a lavish design expression.

Customers can now choose between a black or brushed brass finish option in the 60cm and 80cm widths, ensuring there is an option to suit bathroom of all sizes and styles.

The round shape with hanging strap is complemented by a halo of ambient backlight which creates a stunning focal point in the room, while the illuminated ring of colour temperature changing LED lighting make it ideal for everyday tasks. The Solstice mirror also benefits from internal heated pads keep the glass clear and free from condensation, for a flawless and functional bathroom centrepiece.

Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB said: “The new brushed brass finish for the Solstice mirrors create a unique aesthetic that is perfect for creating a stylish and luxurious feeling bathroom. Having complementing mirror, brassware and handle finishes allow homeowners to complete the look of their bathroom design, creating a cohesive style that runs through the detail in the space.”

For more information about the new brushed brass Solstice mirrors visit hib.co.uk where you can also download the latest HiB brochure.

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