Hot off the press for 2023, HiB has launched a new Trends Guide revealing the latest bathroom interior styles.

As well as providing inspiration and guidance on how to approach interior design, the booklet also highlights how to make the best use of the bathroom space.

Discover more about the Petrichor trend, which explores earthy tones and organic materials, or Retrospective Future, which champions pushing boundaries and innovation through textures and technology. There’s also Mono Mineral which uses a muted palette and structured lines to create a honed, tactile effect and Vellichor which celebrates nostalgia and decadence for a luxurious feel.

Steve Kaye, marketing director at HiB said: “Interior trends are always evolving, so keeping an eye on what is going to be the next big thing is important if you’re creating a new bathroom. Our design team has their finger on the pulse with emerging fashions, bringing together our predictions for the new year. The four trends we’ve highlighted for 2023 offer the next generation of some familiar styles as well as some new themes to explore.”

HiB’s Trends Guide is available to view and download at where further bathroom design inspiration can be found.

2023 bathroom trends guide HIB