The new seat family from HEWI opens up the potential for creative diversity and offers increased comfort and safety in the shower and in the entire washroom. Its design is based on the well-known 950 stool and features a new, modern design language. The highlight of the design is the delicate frame, which provides stability combined with visual and physical lightness. Thanks to the cross-series design and HEWI’s system expertise, the four seats integrate perfectly into any bathroom and can be combined with other accessories from HEWI.

Increased safety in the bathroom

Two stools and two bath chairs are part of the new seat family. They have small, special features such as a towel rail or various support options. A model with armrests is also available to provide a sense of safety in the bathroom. This safety is also reflected in the comfort of the seat. The stool and bath chair perfectly adapt to the body shape and support a stable sitting position. The small stool is particularly suitable for narrow bathrooms due to its small footprint. Thanks to the high quality of the products, they are versatile – both in private washrooms and outside. When it comes to colour, the models available in grey and black as well as in white tones integrate perfectly into existing room designs or can be used to create contrasting accents.


HEWI reports its commitment to universal design and has been successfully developing products that focus on people and their individual needs for decades. At HEWI, intelligent functions and consistent design merge to create a single unit. The company says excellent design, high-quality designs and well thought-out functions characterise the sanitary systems and product ranges from HEWI. Comfort features and accessibility are integrated into every system at HEWI, enabling cross-generational use.