TV and radio presenter Helen Skelton has teamed up with the design experts at online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum to reveal how to create an artistic and whimsical bathroom for young adults.

As a former youth TV presenter, Helen knows a thing or two about inspiring young people to achieve their ambitions and has used this knowledge to help create a bathroom space that will offer a relaxing retreat from the everyday pressures of modern life.

From an on-trend style to choosing the right shower, follow Helen’s top tips below and create the perfect bathroom space for young adults.

Danish Pastels for a Scandi-infused space

One of the big bathroom trends this year has seen Danish Pastels – Scandi-influenced light, candy-coloured pinks, mint greens and sky blue shade – become really popular.

Introducing these tones through your bathroom will create a bright and optimistic space with a contemporary, feminine theme.

Complement these shades with brushed brass, in the form of taps and accessories to further elevate your décor.

A contemporary bathroom suite

Establishing a clean, contemporary look, your choice of bathroom suite is crucial to the overall feel of your bathroom.

Instead of the traditional pedestal-type bathroom sink, opt for a wall hung vanity unit and countertop basin. A pink-coloured basin adds a bright, colourful touch which complements the tiles and upper walls, and, when contrasting against the white of the vanity unit, it really pops. This set-up is highly contemporary, bringing that home spa feel to your bathroom.

To complete your countertop basin installation, opt for a brushed brass high rise basin mixer tap. New metallics like this are very much on-trend, lifting the overall look of your décor and allowing you to continue the theme with accessories and other brassware.

Luxurious walk-in showers

For those young adults constantly on the go, a walk in shower is the perfect solution. With a simple glass screen, as opposed to doors, frames and moving parts, it’s easy to maintain with just an occasional wipe down. However, it’s not all about upkeep…

From a stylistic point of view, the fluted glass gives you that extra touch of privacy whilst providing an intriguing tactile surface. If chrome seems a bit boring, brushed brass offers a quite stunning alternative for your bathroom – this is the perfect material choice for your shower mixer system.

While a wet room style design, which allows the striking patterned floor tiles to flow right to the wall, you could save money by choosing a conventional shower tray instead. Shower wall panels also offer a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to tiles.

Spacious storage

Whether its talking skincare, haircare, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, they all need somewhere to live in your bathroom, which is why clever storage spaces are key.

A vanity unit kills two birds with one stone, providing a countertop for your basin but also giving you ample storage with two spacious drawers. The style is sleek and contemporary with handle-less drawers and an easy-clean gloss white finish.

To keep things in order, why not invest in some small, clear plastic containers (so you can see exactly what each one contains) and compartmentalise your drawers.

No bathroom should be without two essential items: clean towels and spare toilet rolls. This where a tall storage cabinet comes into its own, making great use of wall space and providing you with a place to hide away potentially messy, clutter-inducing things.

Floating shelves can be purchased for relatively little and provide a quick and easy place to store those items you don’t mind showing off. Finally, for every fresh towel, there’s a used towel – a simple laundry basket will give you somewhere nice and neat to dump these.

Walls and floors

One of the key aspects of this bathroom is the careful choice of floor and wall coverings. This space is all about expressing yourself creatively, which is why we’ve taken a maximalist approach to colours and patterns.

“Pattern Drenching”, which involves using several different patterns in the one space, is a growing interior design trend that’ll really add some drama to your bathroom.

Finishing touches

Now comes the really fun part: accessorising! First off, let’s start off with mirrors. Whilst they perform a vital function, reflecting light and making your space feel bigger, they also need to suit your needs.

It’s always wise to place a mirror above your sink area. Opt for a large, illuminated mirror with demister. And, what bathroom routine would be complete without some tunes? Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your latest playlist as you get ready.

An additional “leaner” mirror will not only make a style statement, but also allow you to check your outfit is just right before you head out the door.

Consider too smaller accessories, including the robe hook and towel holders. If you’ve opted for brushed brass with your shower fittings, use the same choice with these fixtures for a consistent look.

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