GROHE has expanded its shower toilet offering with a new entry-level product, GROHE Sensia Pro. Designed to meet consumers’ hygiene needs in one streamlined solution, shower toilets combine a regular toilet with the benefits of a bidet.

Already standard in countries like Japan, this toilet solution contributes to a new hygiene experience, using the most natural cleaning agent there is: water. Water is kind to the skin, yet highly effective and hygienic – and more sustainable than toilet paper.

“Expanding our shower toilet portfolio allows us and our professional partners to reach new target groups,” says Stefan Schmied, leader commercial sales operations, LIXIL EMENA.

“As the ideal entry-level solution to complement the GROHE Sensia Arena, GROHE Sensia Pro makes pure hygiene affordable without compromising on advanced technology. With its versatile features, it appeals to diverse consumer groups, from wellness lovers to hygiene and technology enthusiasts.”

GROHE Sensia Pro is conveniently operated by remote control, which also features user-profile saving. To accommodate different personal needs, the twin shower arms come with adjustable water temperature and two sprays, one for cleaning the rear and a second spray that is ideal for the female intimate area. Both can be adjusted to operate an oscillating spray with an automatic forward and reverse motion. The nozzle position and spray strength can also be altered according to individual preference. After each use, the spray nozzles clean themselves with fresh water. The shower toilet offers another alternative to toilet paper in the integrated drying function, helping to reduce paper waste and further enhancing personal comfort.

Hygiene is also an important factor for the toilet itself. The ceramic glazing on the Sensia Pro has an antibacterial effect, while the anti-stick coating repels dirt and lime deposits. For thorough yet quiet cleaning, the GROHE Triple Vortex flush uses three water outlets to create a powerful swirl of water that covers every inch of the toilet bowl.

The GROHE Sensia Pro is also equipped with an automatic open and close function for the toilet seat and lid, further ensuring hygienic use. In addition, the shower toilet has a night-light to guide users safely in the dark. All these features are integrated with a modern design with clean lines – allowing the GROHE Sensia Pro to elevate any bathroom.

The GROHE Sensia Pro offers maximum flexibility in the bathroom, not only for consumers but also for installers when combined with the GROHE Rapid SLX. The fully pre-assembled toilet frame is the ideal solution for installing a shower toilet, as it comes with a universal water connection and an integrated power outlet. Moreover, the integrated flow manager makes it easy to regulate the flush flow intensity allowing the installer to limit unwanted splashing or overflow.

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