Leading global sanitaryware and kitchen fitting manufacturer, GROHE has identified three leading macro-trends that will shape the interior landscape, alongside accompanying microtrends such as colours, textures, materials, and shape.

Here, Patrick Speck, leader LIXIL global design EMENA, who is responsible for GROHE’s design, dives deeper into how urbanisation, a desire to be sustainable, and health and wellbeing are impacting design trends in the home.

A deep understanding of how consumers want to live and what they expect from their homes is key to creating human-centric, purpose-driven solutions. Only with consumer-centric thinking can brands and manufacturers develop innovations that seamlessly integrate and enhance the way we move through everyday life.


Densification in the urban landscape has led to a rethinking of design concepts, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of big cities without compromising on comfort. In addition, communal spaces such as co-living and co-working areas have emerged. 


2023’s consumer is more aware than ever of the consequences their actions are having on our planet, coupled with the global cost of living crisis and the rising costs of household bills, it’s expected that many will be favouring brands and products that offer conscious consumption, resource-saving credentials and value for money.

Health & Wellbeing

In the hospitality sector, we see the borders of the bedroom and bathroom dissolving, likewise with the kitchen and living room in the residential sector. These once purely functional rooms are no longer but are instead becoming integrated living spaces, where individual style and emotional connection are prioritised when it comes to design.

As a result, throughout 2023 we expect functional fittings such as taps, ceramics, and showers to demonstrate significant attention to detail as they are more on show. Here, coloured brassware and ceramics in bold shape and colours will increase in demand as homeowners seek out products that will portray their individuality.

When it comes to colour, homeowners will prioritise colours that offer optimism and joy such as neutrals, bright metallics and pastels. The power of colour continues to grow in importance, and the notion of calm, kind, and restorative colour is a core theme as wellness and health are prioritised.

Grohe Macro Trends 2023

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