With geometrically-inspired design at its forefront, Ideal Standard’s Linda-X range celebrates the brand’s iconic design heritage, while also incorporating contemporary influences and technology. The end result is a timeless collection, that balances aesthetics and practicality, perfectly.

Linda-X is a reimagining of the Linda collection created in 1977 by Achille Castiglioni. This new iteration, designed by Palomba Serafini Associati (PS+A), proudly takes inspiration from the original piece, and forms part of the luxury Atelier Collections.

Architecture, design and technology are the guiding principles of Linda-X. Comprising a range of basins and an elegant, freestanding bathtub, the collection stands out for its super-light design, with fine, curved lines, designed to have a delicate, yet dramatic impact.

Allowing for the creation of the ultra-thin, lightweight ceramics, Linda-X is made with Ideal Standard’s unique Diamatec® technology, which allows for the creation of the ultra-thin edges. This mix of alumina and chamotte, not only results in a fine ceramic which is visually appealing, but also guarantees extra durability and reduces the amount of raw materials used in production.

The basins appear to have a weightless, floating element to their design owing to the stands they are positioned on. Linda-X is available in five sizes, spanning 450mm to 750mm and three colours: glossy white, silk white and silk black. To find out more about Ideal Standard’s Linda-X range, visit: https://www.idealstandard.co.uk/products/collections/linda-x

Linda X Ideal Standard