Often the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but one we like to spend time in to relax and feel our best.

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, you can still create a stylish sanctuary that works for you with the right combination of furniture, accessories and light.

Ruth Foster, interior designer at online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum, shares her tried and tested interior design tricks that you can implement in your small bathroom.

Have a fluid design

“When updating your small bathroom, you should always think about the overall effect of your design.

“With a simple design including clean lines and contemporary features, your bathroom can be transformed into an elegant space to relax.

“Opt for fitted bathroom furniture with a back to wall toilet and vanity unit to keep your design sleek and chic. Also, keep patterns to a minimum and choose neutral, attractive finishes such as natural stone wall and floor tiles.”

Keep it clutter free

“Toiletries, cleaning products and ornaments are unavoidable everyday bathroom objects, but they can make your small bathroom look cluttered and disorganised.

“Before investing in storage, try to reduce your clutter as much as possible. Then optimise your storage with bathroom cabinets or boxes so everything can be hidden behind closed doors.

“If you want to keep some products on display for ease, consider using refillable dispenser bottles to make a space appear decluttered. These can be stored on glass shelving, window ledges or in a shower recess. 

“When paired with matching accessories like a toilet brush and toothbrush holder it gives a sense of consideration when it comes to maintaining a level of order in your bathroom.”

Choose clever storage solutions

“Make the most of a smaller floor space with clever bathroom storage. Try opting for a corner basin with a cabinet or install a shower instead of a full-sized bath, so more storage solutions can be included.

“To create the illusion of a larger bathroom, consider how to maximise your available wall space. Raise your storage off the floor with varying options including wall-hung units, shelving and cupboards to create as much as above the floor as possible.

“Don’t forget to finish your bathroom with well-placed robe hooks on the back of the bathroom door, and install a heated towel rail to create warmth whilst storing your towels.” 

Keep it cool with your colour scheme

“Neutral décor in the bathroom has always been popular, however even more so in smaller spaces.

“Adopting light shades like taupe, cream and white will create a lighter and brighter bathroom, making it appear larger than it really is. If you keep this in mind when choosing the colour of your wall and floor tiles, you can create a warm and harmonious design with timeless elegance.”

Maximise on the natural light

“When natural light reflects off surfaces, it creates the illusion of a larger space. Maximise any natural light from windows or skylights by strategically hanging a mirror.

“If your bathroom has no windows, you can install lights to create interesting effects, or even, add an illuminated mirror. The materials that you use in a small bathroom will also play an important role, so opt for clear, frameless glass for your shower screen or enclosure, creating a further sense of space while illuminating the room too.”

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