“Manufactured to be extraordinary” is the motto under which Duravit gathered its Artisan Lines products and ranges. Exhibiting at the ISH in Frankfurt for the first time the iconic designer products were developed by renowned international designers including Philippe Starck, Sebastian Herkner, Christian Werner, and Studio F. A. Porsche.

“The design and manufacture of the Artisan Lines required an extraordinary level of knowledge, craftsmanship, and exacting precision” according to Duravit-CEO Stephan Tahy.

This year’s trade fair attracted around 150,000 visitors from over 150 countries. Duravit AG presented its new products on a 1000 m2 stand.

“This was my first ISH,” explained Stephan Tahy, who became CEO of Duravit AG over two years ago. “After such a long time away from trade fairs, I relished the many personal encounters and high degree of interest in our products.”

Inspiration Japan: Bento Starck Box

Bento Starck Box

The Bento Starck Box bathroom range from designer Philippe Starck drew inspiration from traditional Japanese bento boxes that are subdivided into several compartments by separators.

“Organisation is freedom, especially when it’s elegant,” said Philippe Starck, describing the new washbasins and bathtub. Clearly divided wet and dry areas open countless individual design options.

A highlight of this designer bathroom series is the free-standing bathtub made from acrylic. The overflow is in the tapered water channel, allowing the tub to be filled to the top. Its ample depth and space for two invites bathers to enjoy a blissful immersion in the water. This latest bathroom range from Philippe Starck offers matching toilet sets and bidets.

High levels of craftsmanship: Zencha by Sebastian Herkner

Zencha by Sebastian Herkner

Also taking inspiration from Japan and the country’s traditional craftsmanship, Sebastian Herkner’s Zencha is a bathroom collection that combines unusual above-counter basins with minimalistic furniture. The most striking feature of the basins and bathtub is the rounded shape that opens into a graceful, outward-curving edge.

The linearity of the furniture contrasts with the organic sanitary objects. The outstanding design feature is an elegant frame just six millimeters thick.

“I’m delighted that the product developers at Duravit have been able to turn my designs into reality. That only works if you have your own production facilities with high levels of craftsmanship, as Duravit does,” said Sebastian Herkner.

Homely and modern: Vitrium by Christian Werner

Vitrium by Christian Werner

Timelessly modern yet homely: Christian Werner collaborated with Duravit to create his first washbasins in an interplay with console vanity units and washbasin vanity units as part of the Vitrium range. These washbasins are the first to be manufactured using the mineral casting technique.

The pleasant, velvety surface of DuroCast UltraResist creates an extraordinary tactile experience. Paired with tastefully lit furniture, they underpin the elegant and minimalistic atmosphere of the designer bathroom range.

Similarly, the eye-catching furniture of the Vitrium range with its shallow depth and projecting abovecounter basin is suitable for compact bathrooms.

“A more minimalistic design is hard to imagine,” said Christian Werner, explaining the idea behind his bathroom range. “For me, the bathroom is a comfortable refuge for wellness and contemplation.”

Ode to Nature: Qatego by Studio F. A. Porsche

Qatego by Studio F.A.Porsche

The three stone consoles of the new Qatego bathroom range are a clear reference to nature: created by the renowned designers of Studio F. A. Porsche, they generate a uniquely comforting atmosphere in the bathroom.

“On Qatego we take our lead from the functionality of the bathroom and how it interacts with its users. That’s why it was important for us to lend the objects a strong emotional quality that goes beyond mere functionality,” said Henning Rieseler, design director at Studio F. A. Porsche describes the creative process.

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