Having a hot tub at home is everyone’s dream. Novellini offers the chance to experience that dream at home with the new outdoor hydromassage spa, Divina Outdoor. Experts in relaxation and spa technology, Novellini has launched a new product that will not only lift your mood this Summer, it will also add a welcome highlight to your outdoor living space too.

Divina Outdoor was born out of the Divina Project in which architect Massimo Farinatti developed a collection of distinct, sharp and sleek bathtubs. Divina Outdoor is easy to personalise with three wellness configurations to choose from and state-of-the-art technology integrated within it. Features include an audio system with Bluetooth, underwater multi-color lighting, and Chromo light technology, building the perfect ambience. It has an outstanding series of 18 whirlpool, adjustable vents and 16 jet nozzles. These provide an effective massage of the lumbar, dorsal, gluteus, thighs, calves, and feet areas so you can rest your head on the comfortable cushions and enjoy the overall sensation.

Perfect for the balcony and the decking. Divina Outdoor breaks the mould with it’s minimalist and elegant aesthetic. It blends beautifully into a contemporary environment and is set apart from other products because of its durability. Made with a thermoformed sheet of Senplast, it is more resistant to chemicals, cracking, impact, and UV rays.

Step into your staycation with this compact, comfortable spa bath. UK Sales Manager at Novellini, Stuart West says “As many search for a way to relax at home his Summer, the Divina Outdoor is the perfect solution. Stylish, practical and like no other hot-tub you’ve ever experienced.”