Ready, set, design! Cyncly is excited to announce it will soon be accepting submissions for its Global Inspiration Contest. Open to all Cyncly professional design customers around the world, this contest is a continuation of its Compusoft + 2020 brand’s competition. 

From traditional kitchen spaces to innovative hybrid offices, designs in multiple categories can be uploaded in any version of Cyncly’s 2020, Compusoft, Virtual Worlds or M3B software, and must be created using only Cyncly software. 

The submission window opens on April 11, 2023, with all participants asked to enter their designs for consideration by May 15, 2023. Winners in all categories will then be announced on June 7, 2023. 

Designers can enter as many times as they wish, but each submission must be unique, and participants are only eligible to win once.  

A panel of judges will determine the best design in each of these categories: 

  • Cyncly – Any Space (using colors from the Cyncly palette)  
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom 
  • Closet and organization 
  • Educational and classroom 
  • Flexible office space 

As well as having their design featured at trade shows around the world, winners in each category will receive a $750 Amazon gift card and promotion on social media and in an upcoming eBook. Runners-up will receive a $500 Amazon gift card and have their design featured on social media. 

A special Voters Choice award will also be decided based on a combination of votes from the public and input from Cyncly’s panel of judges. Along with the other prize winners, this designer will receive a grand prize $1,500 Amazon gift card. 

The panel of judges includes: 

  • Colin O’Neil, Design PUGS 
  • Alexandra Tseffos, DesignPOP 
  • Emma Hedges, KBB Focus 
  • Justin Sol, Kitchen Win 
  • Elke Oechsner, SanitärJournal – TGA Contentbase 
  • Laura Peidró – IM Cocinas & Baños 

For more information on the 2020 Global Design Contest, visit 

About Cyncly 

Cyncly transforms the way customisable products and spaces are imagined, designed, sold, made and managed. By bringing together the best brands in the industry, Cyncly connects designers, retailers and manufacturers to put consumers at the heart of their business. 

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